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Webster’s dictionary defines revelation as “the manifestation of truth or something revealed not formally known”. The VRS Revelation Music Studio System does just that. The Revelation now has great potential for state of the art sound and video surpassing that of conventional CD, DVD players or DAC combinations . . . the ability to truly reveal a musical event. The Revelation Music Studio System has been designed to optimize the playback and recording of music for the home owners in Pennsylvania state.

Sound Quality

The Revelation is the first and only commercially available hard drive based recording and playback system that has been designed to compete sonically with the best high-end audio products. Digital playback from Audio CDs is state of the art, offering pennsylvania payday loan laws performance that will equal or better that of digital systems sold for $30,000 or more. The recording quality is the equal of the best professional studios.

The digital playback through the Compact Disc has been around for over twenty years. As a format, it has been a convenient medium with many advantages. However, many serious music lovers and musicians have been disappointed with the sonic potential of the compact disc. The Revelation, through it's precise data extraction, virtually jitter free environment and our own proprietary software and hardware design, reveals music with the clarity, depth, tonality and emotional impact of the musical performance. The Robb Report recently stated: "It's like vinyl on steroids!".

Using the Music Studio

The Revelation Music Studio is designed to be the central source for your music. You can store your entire collections of CDs,Vinyl records or any other analog source in the Revelation. Play or view any of it at any time you like through our simple graphic user interface. With a distributed wired or wireless ethernet, you can also play this same high-quality data in all the rooms of your house with other ethernet-connected extension devices. You can download your music from the Music Studio and take it on the road with you through a portable or hard drive based car system.

Vinyl Archiving/Restoration

If you've always wanted to transfer analog sources such as your precious vinyl, reel to reel tape, cassettes, radio or other digital mediums, the Revelation is for you. With the Revelation you can record your albums to the hard drive and edit them with our software suite. You can record at rates up to 24 bits/192 Khz, and downsample the recording to put onto CD or DVDs. You can play back your records anytime you like through the VRS, and mix and match with other digital music sources with ease.

Highest Quality Components

The Revelation is built with the highest quality parts selected for quality and quiet operation. We even offer a hand-made case from aircraft grade 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum alloy.

Quiet Operation

Each Revelation is built to be ultra quiet. We use special sound damping material internally, specialty fans, fanless power supplies and fanless hard drive cases. Customers are pleasantly surprised when they can't hear our products! We believe that the Revelation is the quietest high-performance hard drive based system available today. See our FAQ.


Music stored on the VRS Revelation can be played back indivually or through playlists. A basic playlist is the collection of tracks listed in order of appearance from a particular CD. You can make as many kinds of playlists as your creativity allows. If you need a playlist that covers all the music for your Mozart Wine and Cheese night, you can create it and play it all at once. Need an Ani di Franco fix? Put all your favorite tracks down and play anytime in any order.

Streaming Formats

Gain access to new music, videos and entertainment through many streaming formats online, including Shoutcast, Pennsylvania Magnatune, Rhapsody etc. You will be amazed at how good these lossy formats can sound when decoded through the VRS system.

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