Note: CDEX and the Mareo script have a few bugs that need to be worked out. Files that have names longer than Windows allows are not made, quotes are not allowed in Windows files. Please check files to make sure they are correct.

Download and install CDEX with default settings.

Download Mareo script. Create directory under C:\Program Files called 'Mareo' (C:\Program Files\Mareo). Unzip Mareo files into this directory. Mareo is preconfigured for the VRS system.

Go to CDEX preferences and match the settings in your screen with the examples below. You can copy the long strings provided below.



Output Filename Format :
%G\%1\%2\%7 - %4 - %1 - %2 - %G

Playlist Format:
\1PLAYLISTS\%G\%1 - %2 playlist

CD Drive


Parameter String:
CDex "%a - %b - %tn - %t" %1 %2 "%a" "%b" "%t" "%tn" "%y" "%g"

CDEX Home Page

MAREO Script Home Page



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